North Wales Up and Over Garage Doors

Up & Over Garage Doors

The ultimate in quality and aesthetics

The original is simply the best: quality and security, appearance and convenience - and advanced technology. Our up-and-over door range contains the combined expertise from a range of manufacturers.


Thanks to the wide variety of styles, you are sure to find the right door for your home. You can select the style, surface or colour. You have all kinds of options.


Door Materials

Steel, Timber, PVC & GRP

Steel garage doors offer a great combination of robust construction and excellent value for money. They are available in a wide range of attractable styles, colours and gear options to suit modern or traditional homes. Our Steel Doors can be supplied finished in a choice of different colours as standard.Timber garage doors combine the warmth and beauty of real wood and the very best of garage door engineering. They are also sturdy and durable too, making it a sensible choice as well as an aesthetic one.  If you want a great-looking, low-maintenance door then a GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) or PVC door is the one for you.


Up & Over Types



Canopy lifting gear leaves around one third of the door protruding from the front of the garage when the door is open (forming a canopy). This is the most common type of door as it is the quickest to fit and is a lower price than other types of operating gear. If your existing garage door has canopy lifting gear, it is likely that the spring will run across the top of the door. Canopy lifting gear is designed for manual opening so the introduction of a garage door motor requires an optional extra called a bow arm converter to work properly , its worth bearing in mind that if you wish to automate your door at a later date the retractable version of the same door is the correct choice as it will be cheaper in the long run.




Retractable lifting gear uses horizontal tracks to support the door in the garage in the open position. The tracks are supported against the garage ceiling or side walls. This gear is ideal for electric operation and is the standard lifting gear for double width doors. The door tension springs are typically located on the frame legs, on either side of the door.


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